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SEO means ensuring that your web site pages are accessible to search engines and focused in ways that help improve the chances they will be found.

Search engines are one of the primary ways that Internet users find web sites. That's why a web site with a good search engine listing may see a dramatic increase in traffic. Everyone wants that good listing.

Unfortunately, many web sites appear poorly in search engine rankings, or may not be listed at all, because they fail to consider how search engines work. Knowledge of "search engine optimisation" can help many of these web sites.

SEO is an on-going process and results need to be monitored monthly or even weekly to ensure your placing remains high.



Google is now the main route for researching any service over the Internet. Your potential customers will use Google – just like you – to look for the services you offer.

Increasing your chances of being found on Google will generate more leads. SEO helps put your services and contact details in front of potential customers, as well as gaining a wider audience.

SEO overall is far less expensive than traditional marketing methods and usually pays for itself through customers finding you. SEO generates increased traffic and sales as a result of being "found"

SEO provides an effective way to promote your company's brand identity. A SEO plan is your way of communicating your image, including your products, services or logo/brand in a positive way.

Many people using the internet consider companies who appear on the first page of Google as leaders in their sector. Being on the first page of Google results will drive more customers to your site.

Increasing your web site traffic may increase your online and offline sales. SEO helps place your services in front of eager consumers, as well as gain a wider audience.


I have performed SEO on many of my client's websites. In fact, you probably found my own website via a Google search for "web design Scotland", "web design Glasgow" or similar. Don't just take my word for it though. View some more examples below:
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Page 1
Page 1

Page 1
Page 1
Page 1
Page 1

Search engine optimisation results can take from 6 weeks to 12 months to show. This depends on how large your website is, how it is currently indexed in the search engines, the popularity of your site and lots of other factors. Results cannot be guaranteed, be wary of any SEO company that claims this.

SEO prices vary according to your requirements, contact me for a free quote.


Stevenwoods Conservatories contacted me in order to re-design & optimise their website as they weren't getting enough traffic and the current website was producing zero enquiries. Having a website that wasn't optimised meant they were missing out on a potential "1,300" local monthly searches for Google users searching for "conservatories Scotland". See pic below:

After I re-designed their website to make it look more modern and professional, I undertook a SEO campaign to increase their Google positions for a number of keywords and phrases. They are currently Page 1 of Google and the SEO costing now pays for itself through enquiries generated. See pic below:



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